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Our facials use the perfect blend of organic & natural ingredients to deliver the best results in restoring your true radiance and glow.


Choose from the skincare selection below to find the treatment that best suits your goals, or we would be happy to recommend the perfect one for your skin. We also provide a regimen for home care, so you can keep your skin glowing long after you've left the spa.

Alpine Blackberry + Vanilla Bean Facial (Smoothing/Hydrating)   *NEW WINTER FACIAL!


Dry winter skin will love this facial. First, this facial’s blend of wild blackberries, hibiscus flower, fig, and pineapple super-active enzymes remove dull, dead skin cells, followed by a velvety vanilla bean & squalene mask that reduces redness and infuses your skin with deep healing hydration. 




Fresh Off The Farm    (Revitalizing)

This seasonal fruit-filled facial is our signature skincare treatment to kick-start your complexion and get your skin back on track. The fact that it smells good enough to eat has made it a spa favorite! Includes double cleansing, custom enzyme exfoliation, gentle extractions, facial massage, neck/shoulder/arm & hand massage.


Luma-C SuperFacial   (Illuminating/Firming)  *NEW!

This is "next-level" multi-mask renewal for your skin. Cosmeceutical-grade resurfacing peel paired with a bio-available Vitamin-C high-absorption whipped mask enhances skin's natural luminosity. Dehydrated crow's feet and dark under-eye circles are treated by our illuminating eye gel masks. Included in this skincredible treatment is advanced LED Red Light therapy to increase collagen + elastin production restoring youthful, toned and firmed skin. A final soothing bio-cellulose mask super-charges your skin's hydration level.



Very Cherry Firming Facial   (Brightening/Firming)


Our natural tart cherry enzyme is chock full of antioxidants that provide relief from inflammation and promote nourished, luminous skin with refined pores. An effective combination of lactic acid, arbutin, and kojic acid works to brighten dark spots and smooth environmental damage.



Grape Escape   (Age Renewal)


Packed with the antioxidant powerhouse of Resveratrol from vineyard grapes, this facial diminishes wrinkles, decreases pore size & seals in moisture while evening out overall skin tone and increasing firmness. It's also a great recovery antidote for stressed-out or sun-damaged skin.



Get Up & Glow Glycolic   (Brightening/Collagen Boosting)


Smooth and brighten skin with this glycolic acid and natural AHA treatment. Dark spots and rough, dry skin will be eradicated without redness or irritation. Boost collagen and plump up cells for a younger-looking complexion. 



*Get Up & Glow 6 Series - Visit us once a week for six weeks to receive a 30-minute glycolic treatment, including cleansing and moisturizing, for even more flawless skin and transforming results.



Purify My Life (Oily/Acneic)   *NEW!


Ideal for anyone who struggles with congested, breakout-prone skin. This treatment includes extra extractions, probiotic healing mask and our bacteria-busting LED Blue Light Therapy. Blue Light helps clear up bothersome blemishes, reduce inflammation and future breakouts. 



Shea Sugar Smoothie  (Sensitive)


We give your sensitive skin issues the special attention they deserve. Whether it's Rosacea, Keratosis Pilaris or product-sensitivity, this facial, featuring a sugar micro-scrub and cooling seaweed + chamomile mask, gently calms and soothes naturally. 



Pore Perfecting Teen Facial (Congested)


Specifically designed to target the acne, clogged pores and blackheads of teen skin, we use a pomegranate/blueberry enzyme mask to loosen,  unclog and ease extractions, followed by a calming, antibacterial mask to help soothe and keep pores clean after their visit.



Back Rescue Ritual (Purifying/Hydrating)   *NEW!

For those who suffer from an acne-prone back and shoulders or "bacne", this purifying treatment, with much massage, declogs pores and soothes inflamed  breakout skin.  We can also treat clients who struggle with dry, itchy back skin conditions with a hydrating trio of cleansers, scrubs & masks.  *Add the LED Light Therapy  enhancement to treat bacteria in pores and soothe sore muscles with healing near-infrared light.


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Let your skin harness the power of light!

LED Light Therapy  is an FDA-cleared treatment that works by being a source of healing light energy penetrating deep into the skin, providing cells with the ability to quickly repair themselves. Our light therapy unit is uniquely formulated to offer blue, red and near-infrared light simultaneously to safely address a wide variety of conditions.  Concerns treated by LED therapy include: wrinkles, crow's feet, crepey skin, frown lines/brow lines, marionette lines, sun damage, scarring, acne, rosacea, pain. Clients significantly benefit from a 30-minute session every 7-10 days for 5-10 sessions. Maintain your results by booking a treatment at least every 4-6 weeks after initial series. There is ZERO downtime with LED Light therapy, unlike most skin care laser treatments.   


Restore LED Light Therapy Treatment


LED Red Light Therapy targets fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage/hyperpigmentation, sagging.  It restores natural collagen/elastin for firmer, smoother skin. This LED Light color also helps clients suffering with rosacea by calming chronic inflamed blood vessels and nerves. All single sessions include cleansing, moisturizing, and a hydrating, restorative heel + foot treatment.

$60/30min - 4 treatments $200


Purify LED Light Therapy Treatment


LED Blue Light Therapy helps calm and heal existing blemishes. The non-invasive therapy uses predominantly UVA-free blue light along with red light/infrared to work together to destroy bacteria and reduce inflammation without damaging or drying healthy skin.  All single sessions include cleansing, moisturizing, and a hydrating, restorative heel + foot treatment. 

$60/30min -  4 treatments $200

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Add any of these to take your facial experience to the next level.

Restore or Purify LED Light Treatment

Add LED Red or Blue Light to any of our results-formulated facial treatments.

Add $35/Requires additional 15 min  


Lavender & Coconut Oil Healing Hands Treatment

Nothing will bring your dry hands and cuticles back to life like the ultra-moisturizing power of this warm mitt treatment. The softening lasts for days and we also sell moisturizing mitts and booties for home use, so you can soothe your skin anytime!

Add $25 


Ultimate Eye Treatment

Caffeine + collagen gel pads reduce puffiness and dark circles before we apply a powerful peptide serum with nutrient-rich algae extract reducing the look of eye-area wrinkle depth by up to 50%. You'll love the visible results!

Add $25



Neck and Chest Firming Treatment

Delicate neck & chest skin is the first area to show signs of aging, but don't worry, we've got you covered. Add this treatment featuring lemon sugar exfoliant, plant-based collagen hydrogel mask, and licorice root extract + peptide moisturizing mousse and we'll help you slow the effects of time.

Add $30

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